Director's Desk

  • It is my privilege to welcome you to the Department of Fisheries, under the Government of Tamil Nadu. The Department of Fisheries has pioneered the implementation of innovative developmental schemes in Fisheries sector. Tamil Nadu ranks 5th in total fish production of the country. The total fish production of Tamil Nadu is estimated as 6.82 lakh tonnes during 2017-18. Tamil Nadu is enriched with Marine, Brackish water and Inland fishery resources amenable for capture and culture fisheries. Substantial focus is being given on the economic and social dimensions of fishery. The Fisheries sector plays an important role in the socio-economic development of the state by providing livelihood to large number of fishers, generating employment opportunities in allied sectors and ensuring nutritional security. The Indian Fisheries Act, 1897 enacted by the then Madras Presidency paved the way for the formulation of fisheries legislations across India. 

    The maritime state of Tamil Nadu is blessed with 1,076 km long coast line contributing 4.97 lakh tons of marine fish production. This department supports the livelihood of 10.07 lakh marine fishers and 2.30 Lakh Inland Fishers. Tamil Nadu exported 88,257 MT of marine products and earned a foreign exchange of Rs.4,341.78 crore. 

    The department conducts series of training programme on deep sea fishing, onboard handling of Tuna, hygienic handling of fishes, fish culture in farm ponds, seaweed culture, cage culture in the open seas, bivalve culture, value added products etc., across entire fisheries sector. Fisheries department is engaged in the promotion of fish culture in the state by utilizing all natural water resources like reservoirs, village ponds, tanks and multipurpose farm ponds etc. and to increase fish production by adopting latest scientific method. Fish farming provides best alternative for the diversification of agriculture. In order to encourage and promote fish culture in this state, department has formulated many incentive programs.

    Integration of fish culture with agriculture has proven to be innovative for augmenting the unit productivity from aquaculture systems. The Department is determined to enhance the inland fish production three-fold in the coming five years.